Amateur Radio

On this page you will find out a little about my main hobby Amateur Radio.

During the early 1980’s after passing the Scout Communicator badge course run by the Northampton Scout Amateur Radio Group. I had a direction.

I helped the Northampton Scout Amateur Radio group spread Radio Scouting to other Scouts, Leaders and groups all over the UK. We also used to visit the Gilwell Park station to assist the group their as well.

I sat and passed the City and Guilds Radio Exam and became a Class B license holder, at the time this allowed the operator to use all bands above 30MHZ. To use the HF (below) 30Mhz in the UK you needed to be able to pass a Morse code test. I wasn’t interested in Morse. so stayed a Class B licence holder.

The Scout Radio group, operated a Station (G0NDS) from the local Scout camping ground with access to a 65 foot lattice tower and a 3 element rotatable HF beam I was able to contact other amateurs from all over the world.

I have never really been interested in operating from home, but instead enjoyed operating at Scout events. Including JOTA in October each year. The group also put on many other demonstration events from the Local Scout Camping ground for visiting Scout troops and camps.

Northampton the Town where I live is

Approx 100KM North of London


During  Covid 19 Pandemic in 2020 and whilst being furloughed from my work. I reconnected my radio equipment at home.

I discovered FT8 Data mode and DMR Radio Communications.

I  discovered FT8 in July 2020 and since have been having great fun contacting stations around the world using this easy and amazing type of communication.

     I’m using a signalink USB device, connected to my FT847

Only fully application completed QSO’s are added to my  Log. If you are after a confirmation of the QSO then please don’t Leave an ft8 QSO until it has completed.

I use the following software packages ( details on the links page)

Windows 10 Pro, Wjst-x, gridtracker.

I have gridtracker set to upload to the following Log sites, LOTW, &  after every QSO completes.

latest stations added to my logbook are:

<!-- script start -->
<div id="hrdlog"></div>
<a href=""></a>

var ohrdlog = new HrdLog('G7AAY');

<!-- script stop -->

, We had been talking about DMR and the Peanut app at one of our Scout Radio group Meetings. Thanks Alex 2E0KLX for my first QSO on Peanut DMR 20/09/2020

I monitor TGIF 36250 Northampton Digital channel.

I have a duplex tophat for raspberry pi and an Anytone 878UV.

Many thanks, take care and enjoy this next phase of sunspot cycle.

73 de Karrl

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