QSL Cards

After every contact is made it is customary to send a QSL card to verify the contact to the other station. This used to be in the format of a post card that contained an image of the stations choosing and then details about the contact, Date, Time, Frequency Signal report .

When the distant station received the card they could check the details and ensure they had the details logged correctly. In the modern age, there are many web sites that provide an electronic logbook and in turn this creates and sends a QSL card to the distant station in a matter of seconds.

QRZ.com, LOTW, EQS.cc, HRDlog.net are all such services, my log is uploaded at the end of every contact to these sites.

Below are a few of the very nice cards that I have received after making contact.

I have well over a thousand QSL cards in my collection from all over the world.

I will try to find a way to rotate the cards so please check back often to see them all.

Thankyou so much to all the stations that have sent me a card.

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